Fifth General Meeting


Bilbao (Spain)

22-27 May 2016

University of Deusto

Students Workload survey analysis, Credits and its link with Tuning Methodology

Edurne Bartolome & Pablo Beneitone

Tasks to be done

Pablo Beneitone

Evidence Based Strategy in HE Current practices & Trends

Ahmad Jammal

Evidence Based Policy in Higher Education Current Practices and Future Trends in MENA

Ahmed Elgohary

Tuning A Driving Force to Boost Internationalization

Hady Mahfouz

AIU breifing

Maher Kabakibi

 Implementation of Competence Based Programmes in Nursing at CU

Abeer Eswi

Implementation of Competences Based Programmes Challenges and Good Practice

Ahmad Alhusban

Example of student learning guide

Asier Altuna

Example of the programme modules

Asier Altuna

TUNING educational structures implementation and success

Asier Altuna

Implementing Tuning in the Middle East and North Africa

Darina Saliba

The Implementation of Nursing Programme at OMU-CON

Lamlom Sabah

QA Tourism SAG

Mairna Mustafa

Peer Review and QA

Mohammad Bashayreh

Quality Assessment for Tuning MEDA A Starting Point

Rafee Hakky

Implementation of Competence Based Programs in Tourism

Mairna Mustafa and Khalid Magablih

An example of simulated learning

Nadia Hached and Badia Benhabiles

Improving Basic Design Courses through Competences of Tuning MEDA

Rafee Hakky

TJHE presentation

Anna Serbati and Luigi Dona

Implementing the Competences-Based Students-Center Learning Approach in Architectural Design Education Based

Ahmad Alhusban

Teaching and Learning at the Moroccan Universities

Anas Lamchichi

The acquisition of Law knowledge at the Mohamed 1st University as a case study

Khalid Chiat

An Interactive Course

Liliane Kazzi